Thursday, September 20, 2007

Floyd Landis: Le Tour de France loser!

Due process of law has run its course and Floyd Landis has been stripped of his Le Tour de France title. I know this is not an aquatics related item and I really do hate posting doping stories but I am posting it as a reminder about how rampant sports doping is.

Not only does doping rob the moment and the glory of honest athletes, but destroys a sport all together. I cannot watch cycling now and I won't till it is cleaned up. The last Le Tour was either a laughing stock or an Amgen commercial, I can't figure it out.

Hopefully this does not happen to swimming and there is a potential that it could for I saw two three doping stories all ready this month. WADA has to be supported.

Here is my favorite Dick Pound quote. He was chairman of WADA and he is stepping down, "...Pound pointed out that Pete Rose was kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame for betting on games and insists that it should be the same thing with drugs. "

Floyd, you are a dope and a loser. How dare you wear anything yellow from here on out. [Link]

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