Monday, September 03, 2007

Here is a list of sixty-two video sharing sites!

UPDATE: Bad Link has been fixed!

Above is the greatest swim fan video of all time. I believe it may be the only film of Kate Ziegler breaking Janet Evans' 19-year-old world record at a TYR Swim Meet of Champions in Mission Viejo.

If you have a swim video that you would like to upload, of course there is YouTube, Daily Motion, Google, and my favorite, BrightCove, but these sites frequently receive take down notices despite the fact that the person or persons claiming copyright infringement do not have the right to do so.

If this sort of nonsense ever happens to you, here is a list of sixty-two video sharing sites that will host your swimming videos. [Link]

I am looking into fair use laws regarding the filming of games or events of any sort. It is hard for me to believe that the NFL or MLB would take someone to court for bringing a camera to a ballgame and filming a minute or two.


Jason said...

Your link to other video hosting sites is broken. It's trying to go to httphttp something.

Merritt said...

This is my experience with video rights… When running a car in the race series SCCA Speed World Challenge my team talked to the Speed Channel about the posting of in car video footage. The Speed Channel was very open about things. They just informed us to wait until after the race aired on tv then we could post our footage. I think that was a very fair deal.

If an event doesn't have a television deal or specific warnings against filming then I don't see why people shouldn't be able to share their own footage. I watch footage from gymnastics events on YouTube all the time because there are no broadcasts of most events and even when there is they don't show all the athletes. YouTube is one of the only mediums available to view these routines. USA Gymnastics also has a deal with Wasserman. I don't know if WMG has bugged any of the YouTube gymnastics posters yet. If they start I think the gymfans will get pretty mad!

Anonymous said...

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