Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am going to see Cirque Du Soleil's "O"

I am going to Las Vegas for 26 hours just to see this show. I am missing a workout for this and I haven't been in the water in 5 days. I hope I like it.

If you didn't know, this circus takes place on a stage made of water. It has diving, synchronized swimming, trapeze etc. I will review it when I get back. Hope it's worth the cost too.


Jason said...

have fun! they have some world-class divers as part of their talent there!

Scott said...

After reading your blog about this show I've decided to take my sister when I visit her next week in Thousand Oaks. Perhaps I might show up at SCAQ for a practice while I'm down there and get a chance to meet you. What are your preferred times and pool?

P.S. I finally found your 'buried' treasure and left a note for you.

Tony Austin said...

I would really like that. I can swim Saturday, Sunday, or Monday evenings.

The pool that is closest to Thousand Oaks is Santa Monica College. There is long course in the mornng on Sat at 1-8 and 8-9. At 12:00 PM it's short course there, and at 4:00 PM as well.

On Sunday, I have to look, I believe it is just a 4:00 PM workout. On Monday evening at 7:30 it is a long course.

Erik coaches at noon, maybe he could give you some extra 200s@ 2-minutes as penance.

I will post the schedule tomorrow.