Saturday, September 08, 2007

The 'Last Playa Del Run' was held Saturday at Zuma

UPDATE: Dan Leonard was out of the water before I was but the results don't reflect that. The results can be found here: [Link]

The last Playa Del Run aquathon of the season was on Saturday and I have to say each one gets better and better. I have been doing these for 3 years and I endorse this race for those wanting to either experiment with or prep for an open water race. The Playa... races allow you to choose your race: you can either do the aquathon; (both the swim and the run), or you can choose a solo event to do instead.

For instance, Dan Leonard took to the beach for a fun "1000 meter" swim; (read as 800 yards), sans a wetsuit and a 3-mile run whereas wussy me went for just the swim while wearing a wetsuit.

I am beginning to really hate my suit. It slowed my stroke turn-over due to the lack of flexibility under the arms. Consequently I am really considering an sleeveless wetsuit next time but how will my arms feel in 57 degree Alcatraz water? maybe I should rent one in the winter?

Dan apparently came out out the water in or around 11th place out of 150 of us and I think I came out in 30th.

The water was nice, and the visibility was amazing. I love Zuma in September. 50 foot underwater visibility is not unheard of.

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Merritt said...

Hey you beat my old roomate Drew Porter in the swim!