Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roland Schoeman's nationality is "swimmer"

Roland Schoeman's nationality is "swimmer" for his "swimsuit" acknowledges no border when it comes to the art of sprinting.

His passport may say South Africa but his swimsuit says the University of Arizona, and speaking of Arizona, he also got a communications degree there too.

South Africa does not like that; they want him to train solely in SA. In fact, they have given this guy so much grief for training in America that I have sometimes wondered if he would eventually file for citizenship elsewhere just to end all the insults and the political nonsense he has to go through.

Governments are not obsolete but borders are blurring. South Africa should be content that he is an acknowledged South African and let him sort out which country can deliver the best resources needed for his craft.

Are the Olympics about the individual or are they morphing into which regime produces both the strongest and best looking athletes? I think it has become the latter for South Africa and that is so 20th century.

Lane 9 News has an article of just some of the stupidity and name calling that Schoeman has had to deal with" [Link]

Photo comes from umifoto's photostream at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

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lasauterell said...

waouh, very very nice looking guy!
Superbe physionomie.