Friday, September 14, 2007

What does it cost to build an Olympic sized pool?

Ultra fast answer is: $250-a-square foot or will cost you just a fraction over $1-million dollars for the pool and the infrastructure to filter and heat it.

Here is a link to a PDF regarding pool size and pricing produced by the Aquatic Design Group, the builders of the pool above. Click on their portfolio, some of the pools therin are ultra-yummy: March 2005 - "Size Wise," Athletic Business Magazine

I think the UK should take note. They should realize that maintaining a LCM pool is never going to be about making money but rather providing a service to your citizens. However, a SCM pool on the other hand can be profitable almost at once for a pool that size takes up less than half the material and social resources to maintain. The only excuse the UK has for a lack of pools is the public will. Hence, you will see people flocking to the US for both coaching and infrastructure since only the USA and Australia seem to care.


Charlie said...

Plenty of other problems in the UK preventing them from having more swimming pools! I would be surprised if Britain win a single gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. Sad but true.

As for Australia and the US (specifically California) being the only two places to go - well they both have one major factor in common - the weather! (There he goes again talking about the weather).

Mr Bapaga said...

My MBA is based on greenfield foreign direct investment in youth culture and sports infrastructure development. I am swimming and avid sport fan keen to fulfill my mission in developing multi-sports (and libraries) in Africa and South America, and find this article interesting. Unfortunately the PDF link has been removed, but I will keep looking out for more articles.