Monday, May 26, 2008

16-million gallons of oil were consumed to make the plastic water bottles we drink from.

I have been drinking most of my fluids from either glass, ceramic, stainless steel cups or a stainless steel thermos as of late. I saw an article out of Europe regarding "load testing" studies conducted on toddlers' who have been discovered to be full of all sorts of plastic, rubber and metals due to the materials of their toys and those important delivery systems such as plastic bottles, diapers, rubber nipples and polyvinyl teething toys.

Hence, my decision to drink liquids via more organic means has made my water taste better, and fewer; hopefully fewer, PVCs entering my body. Swimming in chlorine; (a nasty biocide), 3-5 days is bad enough.

This ad from DDB in San Francisco and art directed by a talented guy named Dustin Smith reminded me why plastic is really bad for you

Originally found at and the ad is for a website called


JC said...

Tony -- I just wanted to say, you do an excellent job of combining your swimming fanaticism with your interest in swimming pool design, racing suit design, and environmentalism. As these topics go, my own fanaticism extends only to swimming, but I keep reading your blog regularly because you blend them all together so well. As always, there seem to be only two requirements for a worthwhile blog: be honest in your opinions and make sure you have a high IQ. Keep up the good work.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the post, Tony! People need to let go of the disposable lifestyle - numerous Starbuck's cups, water bottles, etc - and start using their own vessels for drinking! Just make sure you don't get anything labelled number 7. Those have got Bisphenol A.

Tony Austin said...

JC, you have a really fun site and I am going to add a link to it in my links column.

Nancy. Whoa ! air brakes! You mean they have to list a chemical because it is in our water? I got to look this up: Bisphenol A


JC said...

Tony -- I don't have a site at all, you're mistaking me for someone else. Sorry. John Craig

Tony Austin said...

Ooops, I meant what I said, I thought you were part of Timed Prelimns. Oooops-a-daisy

Merritt Johnson said...

Think about what body or facial scrub you use. The products with exfoliating agents often use tiny plastic beads (polyethylene) as the device. The plastic beads end up in our oceans and other bodies of water where they are ingested by aquatic life. Get scrubs that use natural materials such as shells or stones. I must say that I need to be more aware of what I use as well.