Sunday, May 04, 2008

Australian Nick D'Arcy won't be going to the Olympics but a Drunk, Australian, driver who put a person into a 12-day coma will?

What are you guys thinking down under?

From the Sydney Morning Herald: "... CYCLING Australia admits they're heading for a Nick D'Arcy-style controversy with Chris Jongewaard likely to be selected for Beijing despite being charged over a drink-driving hit-and-run that left the victim in a coma for 12 days.

Cycling Australia will nominate its team on July 4 for ratification by the Australian Olympic Committee. President John Coates will have to decide whether Jongewaard, like D'Arcy, should be kicked off the Olympic team. ..." [Link]


Wendy said...

I've been an an internet and news black hole for a few days, but will see about some "man in the street" q & a's over the next while.

The folks I have spoken to feel pretty good about the AOC's decision to leave D'Arcy off the team (pending protest).

I will also note that binge drinking is a a very big and newsworthy concern here irrespective of celebrity.

Tony Austin said...

We have ads for Australian beer here in the USA usually bragging about size and to a degree alcohol content. You don't want to be branded for having strong beer.

Scott said...

'What are you guys thinking down under?'

Perhaps that the court case should come before any declaration of guilt or innocence.

Tony Austin said...

I thought so too at first but then I said to myself, screw it - the injuries are to severe, he paid off the first victim and none of his friends stuck up for him or mentioned the concept of self defense.