Sunday, May 11, 2008

Camelia Potec beautifully filmed with a surprise ending as well!

Featured above is Camelia Potec. She is the Romanian swimmer that soundly defeated Laure Manaudou in the 400 meter free at French Nationals last month. Manaudou was so devastated by this loss that she later capitulated in the 200 meter free and will not swim the event in 2008.

Like an ass, I thought Potec was a French swimmer and I had to be corrected by two readers. I should have looked her up immediately after that correction and I would have found this video.

She may even be the favorite to beat Kate Ziegler in this event at Beijing. Put her on your radar.


Anonymous said...

What is that supposed to be ? Around the waist?

Tony Austin said...

Those are weights from the weights room