Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here we go: First open water practice this year

On the left is Hermosa Pier and on the right; 2 miles away, is Manhattan Pier. That is my swim workout today. Water temp is: 61 degrees and these photos were taken at 6:19 AM. I will be wearing neoprene because I am a So Cal wuss! I will be swimming it with both Anthony and Andrew. You can see all sort of webcam photos of So Cal beaches at Watch-the-water-dot-org.

UPDATE: The water was painfully cold and I emphasize it was painful. The water temp at Watch-the-water-dot-org siad it was 60 degrees, Surfline said 62. Well, I am telling you it was nowhere near 60 degrees.

Anthony, Andrew and I swam side by side and by the time we got out, every single one of us had numb feet. Anthony who swam it without a wetsuit was seriously cold when we got out. Took him longer to warm up than I have ever seen.

We all swam fast and Anthony and I worked together taking turns spotting since we were side by side the whole way. This way we could go 30-strokes or more before we had to spot for each other. Thus we swam the 2 miles well under and hour.

Andrew stormed it. His first open water swim this year and He was always a body length ahead the whole way. I am going to need at least six more of these swims before Alcatraz. It looks like I will be buying a T1 De Soto suit for it as well. When I do I am going to give away my Quintana Roo..

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