Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Japanese fabric to challenge Speedo: Biorubber Swim-SCS Fabric

The Japanese have a strict swimsuit rule for their athletes: You can wear any suit you want as long as it is made in Japan. So, not to be outdone by the Speedo LZR, AFP reports:

"... Now Japan's Yamamoto Corp., which has supplied a super-fast synthetic rubber fabric to wetsuit makers around the world, has come to the rescue with the Olympic Games just three months away.

The company has offered material, called the Biorubber Swim-SCS Fabric, to challenge Britain's Speedo, saying it is the "the world's fastest swimwear material."

"The decision is not aimed at all at business. It's aimed at helping Japanese swimmers fight to their heart's content in fair conditions at the Beijing Olympics," said the company's president, Tomizo Yamamoto. ..."

Note that the gentleman is holding up a blueseventy: [Link]

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