Friday, May 23, 2008

Open water swim vacations article in the 'New York Times'

The article has a 'swim vacation' slant to it discussing how swimmers are centering their vacations around open water swimming. (I'm thinking about it.)

"...In London, SwimTrek bills itself as the world’s only swimming vacation operator. Its most popular destinations are the Greek Islands and Croatia. The latest addition is a series of two-day swims along the Thames in June, July and August. Beginning in the village of Lechlade, in the Cotswolds, participants swim a little over four miles a day downriver, cruising from pub to pub (giving new meaning to the term “pub crawl”). The finish line is the Trout Inn near Oxford, where the stone Tadpole Bridge crosses the Thames. Most tourists to the area drive, walk, bike or boat along the country waterway. But who wants to join the masses? With a swim, the reward is a sense of place that’s uniquely memorable. ..."

Four links to various swim vaction sites are provided.


Wendy said...

For some time I have had the desire to a Swim Trek tour and swim the Hellespont!

AI said...

I would be too nervous about the Alacatraz swim, but I would totally go for Belize or Baja!