Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scary paragraph from the USMS minutes circa 2007

This snippet comes from the USMS Convention Report from 2007. The topic at hand was how well the USMS LCM Nationals in the Woodlands, Texas went. The delegate who took these minutes was Cathy Kohn, an Ozark delegate:

"...In the Championship Committee meeting I attended, 2007 Nationals were reviewed. LCM Nationals at The Woodlands had lower attendance than expected; the meet director felt that their attendance was adversely affected by many LMSC and Zone championships, which encroached on their dates. Nevertheless, the meet was a success in that it saved their facility from demolition and was very well run. (As an aside, they said that all but 100 of their almost 1000 attendees entered on-line, making their job a lot easier.) ..." [Link]

Demolition?! 0_o

Please go to swim meets! Meet some people, get a ribbon, keeps you goal oriented too.

The 2009 USMS LCM Nationals will be held in Fresno, California.


Stone Cold Button said...

the local school district, conroe isd, is about to open a brand new indoor long course facility. i've heard that they planned to demolish the old pool, but that now it might be kept open. not sure what to believe. contact folks at twst for updates.

swimlappy said...

I lived near here for years. The Woodlands complex is top notch and great for meets!! Many Olympians have trained there. There have been rumors that it was going away due to the land value. So good to hear its not going to happen!! :-)