Thursday, May 01, 2008

Steven Munatones is on the Sand in Sevilla and reporting for Swimming World!

Steven Munatones of, a former open water champion himself whose site has been reference in the Wall Street Journal is on the beach in Sevilla, Spain covering the FINA World Open Water Championships for Swimming World.

Here are some of his articles:

On Grant Hackett:

"At the pool during practice, they were just swimming at the hip, practicing how to draft and helping each other," said a coach who observed Grant Hackett and Ky Hurst of Australia prepare for Sunday's 10K Olympic qualifying race. "They looked pretty smooth together." [Link]

FINA World Open Water Championships: Pre-Press Conference Coverage
FINA World Open Water Championships: Pre-Race Swimsuit Check
FINA World Open Water Championships: Starting Positions Drawn

Steve if you are out there reading, why is it that the men don't appear to "attack" one another during the races like the women do?

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Jason said...

Steve is doing an awesome job for us!