Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swimming World Article: "Andrew Bree Gets Out of Doping Charges"

At first I thought, "what a snotty title, the guy is either innocent or guilty," but then I read the article. Here is a snippet:

"The positive test occurred at the European Championships in Hungary in December 2007. Bree admitted to the use of an over-the-counter Vicks Nasal Inhaler, which he purchased in the U.S. This version of the product contains the banned substance of Levmethamfetamine.

FINA explained that the doping panel was convinced that the use of the drug was not intended to enhance performance and that Bree had gone to "all possible lengths to check that the medial product that he was using contained no such banned substance. ..." [Link]

It is Bree's responsibility to read the WADA banned drugs document.

Below is one of my first blog posts regarding 'meth' within the Vicks product - What I didn't include is that I actually wrote the company an email asking why L-methamphetamine is not listed as an ingredient to which they never responded. I even called them on the phone and still no confirmation. If the product does contain meth, well, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Here is the post:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
The US Anti Doping Agency [USADA] has added some new drugs, and modified the permissions on some older ones.

Lane 9 News at Swimming World has a link to a PDF document that list the new changes in their banned drugs document. What struck me in the face like a flying mallet was that Vicks Vapor Inhaler is prohibited; (and rightfully so), because the USADA states it contains L-methamphetamine.

I went to the Vicks Vapor Inhaler Website and their page never once mentioned in the ingredients that it contains meth or its analog, L-desoxyephedrine.

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