Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TYR Athletes talk about the new 'Tracer Light'

One of the athletes is Erik Vendt who recently decided to go Speedo perhaps even before he had a chance to race in the Tracer Rise? Currently he and Larsen Jensen are not sponsored as a result of their decisions to wear Speedo.

I sincerely wonder if their decisions to bail on TYR was a result of mass hysteria in the press regarding the LZR's "magic" or that the Speedo LZR is technologically rigged? I should go look at his times post TYR and LZR and compare them.


Anonymous said...

who is that ar 1:00?

Anonymous said...

1 minute = Mark Warkentin

I think that Jensen and Vendt may have left in a small part because of the suit but that a bigger factor is TYRs method of paying more athletes fewer dollars, reportedly 1 year for peanuts with Jensen.

Tony Austin said...

I would like to believe that he left for the suit; so would any potential sponsors I think but again, I may be naive. Hopefully this is your opinion and not Larsen Jensen's.

This is my opinion and it really has no merit beyond my meandering musings. With that disclaimer in place: If Larsen Jensen left for mostly economic issues, how credible would he be as a product endorser for the next suit he wore?

Leaving for higher pay is like putting a sign on her head that says "mercenary for hire, will swim for a Lexus."

Again, I am just a swimmer who blogs for nothing; (I post no advertising on the blog and I accept no gifts), what do i know?