Friday, June 20, 2008

"And we would have got away with it if it wern't for you meddling kids!"

Look what happens when you get 3,700 kids together in Santa Monica, California. From

The event, hosted by the Malibu Foundation and sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program and California Coastal Commission, also included a massive beach cleanup on Dockweiler Beach. The event was the climactic celebration of 20 elementary schools that participated in ocean presentations held throughout the academic year in and around the City of Los Angeles.

For more images and information visit and

When you swim open or open water races in So Cal you really do appreciate efforts like this. These kids made more people art so go take a look at Inhabitat: [Link]


Trev said...

I love Inhabitat -- great blog for a great cause, and well written, too.

nm said...