Monday, June 16, 2008

Anonymous Coach has left a new comment on your post "Longevity and quality issues with the 'Speedo LZR'..."

The comment below makes the presumption that the Speedo LZR is the fastest suit ever built. There is no scientific evidence that it is but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from Speedo employees and the numerous world records set by well paid mercenaries. (Call it the Nike effect whereas vast sums of money facilitate paid endorsements rather than emotional ones.) Now, this coach feels the LZR is the fastest suit available and he expresses hi anger at Speedo by not making the suit available to all those competing against it. Here is his comment:

"... The biggest problem with these suits is that they are not available to everyone. As a coach, I had 3 swimmers miss Olympic Trials cuts in Omaha by less than a tenth, and all were wearing TYR Tracer's or FS Pro's.

What would they have gone in the LZR?

Myself, along with my swimmers, waited at the Speedo booth each day of the meet to get an LZR, and not once did they have their respective size at any time. One could easily make the claim that those that were wearing LZR's had an advantage over those did not get one.

Stu at Speedo told me they only brought 50 suits total to the Omaha meet. FINA has a rule that is very clear; the suit MUST be available to everyone upon it's release! Obviously, Speedo is in clear violation of this rule. The LZR is available to the very few who are fortunate enough to be sponsored by Speedo, or those who are lucky enough to be at the right place (ie the Speedo booth) at the right time.

Did I mention I hate Speedo?

[No, but I will. I hate Speedo's trade practices and how they do business; especially with you.]

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