Saturday, June 07, 2008

Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner profile in the 'New York TImes'

Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner is destined to be both an Olympian and some sort of doctor/surgeon! Now how is that for pressure?

Here is the snippet: "... Blame life’s crazy crosscurrents. Aspiring to be a doctor and an Olympian, Wildman-Tobriner is being pulled by two powerful desires: medical school and a medal. ...

His challenge this month is to avoid being dragged under by deadlines. June is when he is supposed to decide whether to enroll in classes this fall. It is also when the cut-down process starts for selecting the United States swim team that will compete in the Beijing Games. ...

When did he know he had the ability to be the best in the world? “Right after I touched first at the world championships,” Wildman-Tobriner said with a smile. ..." [Link]

Paging? Doctor Wildman, Paging Doctor Wildman: Code blue in room 212! Stat!)I had to say that because it sounded so cool.)

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