Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gary Hall Jr. tacitly endorses the 'blueseventy' speedsuit!

Here is a quote /snippet from Gary that he posted on his Race Club message board:

"... We also need to give credit where credit is due. The suit. I know, I know. I hate to admit it. There is something to the suit. I was training with Mark right before I left for Omaha and he had the new Blue Seventy suits. He was talking about leaving Speedo who he has been with for decades(!) to sign with Blue Seventy. We were testing the suit and there is something there. No question. Could it account for a .16 drop? I think so. ..." ['YouTube' Link to the reaction]

I actually think Gary Hall is a contender this weekend, albeit a dark horse.

Here is a link to thread: [Link]


joel said...

This past weekend Glen Mills wore the blueseventy and broke record after record at IGLA. Some think his records should have an asterisk next to them like Gary Bonds homerun record.

Tony Austin said...

Joel, Erik sent me the Glenn Mills article and you are right, the suit is apparently explosive.

Also, blueseventy sent me an email and said that the swimmers I talked too did not get the pool suit. They accidentally got the open water version.

Mythbusters should do an episode on all the suits and settle this.

jc said...

Is the open water version of the blueseventy not pool legal? Does it contain neoprene? Or was blueseventy making the point that their pool version is even faster?

Tony Austin said...

They are both pool legal, they have two versions of the suit. I was going to post a snippet from a letter 'blueseventy' sent me but instead I have sent them an email asking for an exact clarification for me to publish.

Anonymous said...

I was taking to Marcel Wouda 3x World champion, former world record holder and Olympic bronze medalist now famous dutch coach. He has swum in both versions of the blueseventy nero and tested them on two of his world champions and against the LZR. He says both are faster than the speedo (by the way in his day he was speedos pin up boy) , he prefers the fit of the open water suit (the pool suit is tighter around the upper body with a higher neck line), but says pool swimmers need to get use to feeling water inside the suit. When swimming in this suit you have to look at the times they speak for themselves.