Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here are the Olympic candidate city logos

Though the Chicago logo has six points, there is something very bold, very American about it.

the Tokyo "knot" is my favorite but I am a sucker for Japanese design. This includes electronics and architecture. I will sometimes drive down to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles and walk through a supermarket there just admiring how the sake bottlers, or the food package designers take complex Kanji and make the characters look so readable, so minimalistic and so human.

I like Baku next.

Original source, NotCot, but here is the blogger that compiled them, viacomit.free.fr


Jose (ViaComIT) said...

Thanks Tony for your link to my post... JO 2016 Design

nm said...

Madrid looks like it's flipping the bird...

Tony Austin said...

NM, Michael Angelo painted cherubs on the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel with their thumb pointing upward in between the opposite hands middle fingers which was the symbol back then for "up your ass" much like the middle finger of today.

Then their is that famous Little Mermaid VHS cover. If artsits arn't getting paid enough they will play pranks like that.