Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am watching trials right now and I had a thought/question?

I am actually suffering through track and field right now waiting for the swimming though I love the homage to Jesse Owens that one athlete made.

So, here comes my thought and question: in 1968, George Foreman, after winning a gold medal pulled out a small American flag and walk around the ring with it to display his love of country. Bruce Jenner, after winning the Decathlon in 1976 grabbed an American flag and ran around track with it. Ipso facto it has now become the patriotic standard to display your country flag when celebrating victory.

Now here is a question that has been dancing around my house and head. What if Natalie Coughlin, Dara Torres, or Erik Vendt, won a gold medal and instead of pulling out an American flag they chose instead, the Golden Bear flag of California? Would there be political fallout? Would the USOC freak! Would the country be outraged? Would relay team designations change? What would California think? I would be elated to see it.

Gotta go, swimming is on!

(I know Dara is living in Florida and Erik training back east but I consider it a temporary exile for both these swimmers. They are Californians through and through.)


Merritt Johnson said...

Erik grew up in Mass. I am sure he was routing for the Celtics over the Lakers.

Tony Austin said...

Oh well, I though he was was from Bakersfield. My bad.

Scott said...

Being this is the Olympics wouldn't be more in keeping for an athlete to wave his city's flag?

Tony Austin said...

I get it; Sparta versus Athens versus Marathon etc. stc. Los Angeles has a lame flag!