Sunday, June 08, 2008

This is the attitude every masters swimmer should have have when he/she steps up to the blocks

I like this guy - great attitude and ready to storm it. If you are out there, post a comment and tell us how you did?

(Oh, I think this is a Floswimming video. I found it at a video sharing site so I can't confirm.)


Scott said...

A video of one of the Smith brothers! I've always been curious about what they look like. Wish the video showed the two race.

TheGoodSmith said...

I almost blew a valve on that race.

Due note that Paul Smith is not my brother. (I am considerably better looking)

Also, the 50 free and the 100IM are the only significant races in masters swimming.... none of those other races he swims and wins are that important.... :-)

John Smith

John Smith

Tony Austin said...

Thank you for writing in, you have a amazing wit and attitude.

Paul said...

John you are such a drama queen....almost blew a valve? Maybe it was the 7 red bulls and not the actual swim?

And of course none of the "other" your signature event the 200 free are important because you either:

A) No Showed
B) Got your skinny, whiny, Elemant driving ass kicked.

Come to Portland and "man up" big talker!

Tony Austin said...

The "good Smith" Just got SPANKED! Your house must have been like "Lord of the Flies"