Monday, September 29, 2008

"Tech-Doping" poster to educate 'Swim Moms' that "tech-doping" is for teens and adults only!

Amy Shipley in The Washington Post writes: "...USA Swimming's Club Development Director Pat Hogan said delegates were concerned that the pricey suits, which can cost as much as $500, would drive promising youngsters who couldn't afford them out of the sport and possibly deter proper stroke development. ..."

"We're in a position where we want to grow participation in our sport," Hogan said. "We don't need to have false barriers to participation. The cost of those high-tech swim suits, for a young swimmer, doesn't really make sense." [Link]

Here is a poster produced by SCAQ minions so as to assist USA Swimming's in educating parents about to perils of "tech-dope."

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Anonymous said...

The one constant thread about all these suits is the lack of any published studies from any from the scientific people that “supposedly” were part of all the designs. People of any scientific stature always publish their work…its part of their culture. . . and would part of any agreement. And don’t give me any of that talk that its some kind of industrial secret. If they really had good numbers from their testing, they would have added that to their marketing plan…and the scientists that worked on the project would have backed them up.

After extensive searching…I could only find one…and that was from the TYR Aquashift suit….

Tony Austin said...

That is an angle I never thought of; it's so obvious and academic.