Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alain Bernard, now has a pool named after him!

From Universal Sports: "...French swimmer Alain Bernard, ... honored in the town of Aubagne, France, on Oct. 18 after a pool there was named in his honor..."

Link to the photo-gallery which is worth a look: [Link]

As sprinters, Alain Bernard and Eamon Sullivan are on another plane of existence. Clinging to that plane is Stefan Nystrand and Cesar Cielo but the two aforementioned sprinters have created a sprint rivalry that rarely exists in sports. One will eventually be crowned the world's fastest swimmer and the process to find out who it will be is terrific to watch.

Now, having made my case, and though both are apparently the fastest men in the world, each of these individuals were soundly beaten by Jason Lezak in the fastest 100m swim in history of the event at the Beijing Games during the 4x100 relay. Consequently, there is plenty of room to go time wise.


AI said...

I think Bernard is could be a power forward or a linebacker if he wasn't a kick ass swimmer. That dude is big.

Ahelee said...

Every hometown should name their pools after their Olympic medal swimmers -if they have one.

In Irvine, we have lots of pools - and lots of Olympic medalists to name them after!

Tony Austin said...

I agree, seriously.

Charlie said...

If I am not mistaken they have done that in Britain for Rebecca Addlington (Gold medalist in the 400m and 800m free in 2008)

Tony Austin said...

I am going to look that up and post it! Hopefully the pool is not empty or closed down. ;-)

Charlie said...

Done it for you Tony -