Thursday, October 23, 2008

Both Stefan Nystrand and Alain Bernard sound hungry for WRs - Eamon Sullivan just seems bored!

Stefen Nystrand, the Sweede, is a very gutsy sprinter who, when interviewed, seems to talk about his upcoming races like they are opportunities. See interview at FloSwimming: [Link]

Alain Bernard, the Frenchman, looks at each race as if it was a defining moment of his ability and hard work! Idon't think it is a stretch to include that he strongly desires to elevate and maintain his position as the very best. See subtitled You Tube interview: [Link]

Eamon Sullivan, according to this profile in the The "... He hoped the move would mark a new chapter in his career and set him on the path for bigger and brighter things over the next four years.

“A change of location is probably what I need to refresh my passion for the sport,” he said. “Right now I am enjoying being me and I’ve come back [from a six week vacation in Europe] motivated and happy and ready to get back into things.” ..." [Link]

We at the SCAQ blog welcome our European, sprinter, overlords!

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