Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FINA wants to add more open water events to the Olympics - One suggestion calls for male/female time trial teams!

Tremendous enthusiasm here on FINAs part especially the proposed concept of using teams for time trial swimming whereas they would "draft" of each other like you see in the five rider Tour de France trial trials. That would be spectacular to witness and that is what swimming needs: more spectacle.

From the British Times Online: "... At present, a five-kilometre race is favoured. However, interesting alternatives arose in the European Championships in Dubrovnik, Croatia last month, where there was also a five-kilometre time-trial and five-kilometre two-male, one-female team event. The team event, using teamwork and slipstreaming, as in cycling, has great potential. ..." [Link]

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Scott said...

Click on the link! There's an even more titillating story on the same Times Online page with the title "Sex and the Olympics: Fun After the Games". I've heard stories and rumors about what goes on in the Olympic Village but this is the first one which doesn't deal in innuendos. Yet another reason to envy those who've participated in the Olympic 'Games'.