Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ian Thorpe: He looks up while sprinting and note the timing of his breathing!

The timing of my breathing is off and often during a sprint my arm throws water into my mouth. At the UCLA meet I was so introverted about the timing of my breathing during two 50scm sprints that I just did not breathe at all. Times suffered as result but I am in the lab working on it by checking out films, DVDs and You Tubes to study it and get different points of view. My breathing issue should be fixed in about 30,000 meters! That's the amount of work it usually takes me to get something right.

Note Thorpe's head position: he does not look down when sprinting.


Ahelee said...

As all the coaches will tell you -

When you have the technique, strength, experience, training, bodytype, and competitive drive that "Ian Thorpe" owns, only then can you compare your stroke with his.

Studying film is great for learning and inspiration. But it does not mean that you can or will ever be able to or even should swim the same stroke.

Better to make it to practice consistently. Get your coach on board to work closely with you. Get video taped so you know what you look like swimming now.

Scott said...

I don't think Tony is comparing his technique with Ian Thorpe of all people - certainly not when he goes on to say he didn't even breathe in a couple of recent races because his technique is so bad (by the way Tony, terrific lungs!). He's just making the point even swimmers as great as Thorpe have obvious flaws in their strokes so we minnows shouldn't feel too bad.

Ahelee said...

Tony is TOTALLY comparing himself to the Olympians!

Most masters swimmers do - and it can't be helped.
They want to be perfect.

And I am forever grateful for this since it is the ONLY thing that gives me job security as a masters swim coach!

Hey - any chance SCAQ will have more than a few swimmers at Regionals for once in Long Beach?

Get your gang - and Clay Evans to step UP - so close to home.
Or once again, NOVA will CRUSH you!
(how is that for trash talking?)

I know, I know. Jenny the titanium heart crushes me almost every time.

But MY team crushes YOUR team - EVERY TIME!

Tony Austin said...

Well... I should weigh in. I actually enjoyed both of you interpreting me but I have to admit that I am convinced that looking up is not an incorrect style point.

Rada Owen looks up, Thorpe, Lezak, Magnini Nystrand, Bernard, Eamon Sullivan and more. In fact more Olympic swimmers look up than down. I watch Thorpe and others for inspiration and to see how they solve problems.

just posted some underwater video of Eamon Sullivan and I am astonished how much much he wobbles and crosses over. No wonder he keeps hurting his back. The back is not a fan of twisting when injured. Scott and I know that for sure.

I am going to be at SCM championships; (broken thumb and all), and more SCAQ swimmers as well.

Jenny Cook is going to be there and she, along with Erik Hockstein, Dan L. and Rada Owen will doing a IM relay whereas they are going for a WR, so your minions are hosed, it's ipso facto, your "fait" is "accompli."

BTW, Clay won't come. Asking him to swim in a meet is like asking a mailman if he would like to go for a walk.

I asked him what he thought of my stroke today and he said it was just fair. 2-years ago he said it was ugly. SO, look at me, I have made it up to average. ;-)