Sunday, October 19, 2008

Luke McKenzie swimming in last week's Kailua-Kona Ironman - Note the t-shirt under his speedsuit!

Dave A. sent me this and it blew me away. Here you have Luke McKenzie of Australia swimming in 76-degree, Hawaiian, water while wearing a Chloroprene, blueseventy, speedsuit and it appears he is wearing a t-shirt underneath as well. I am flabbergasted! Was he chilly or something?

Photo courtesy of the Herald Sun [Link]

I think he kills the purpose of a speedsuit with shirt underneath.

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Ahelee said...

Ha Ha - maybe this a part of the reason the swim times at Kona were on the slower side this year.

The XTERRA suits fit really large - a rep told one of our swimmers that the reason is the triathletes wear their race gear UNDERNEATH!!

Make no mistake about it... these suits are made for triathlon - very light wetsuits.
Quite different from the Speedo or TYR speed suits.
Closer to the BlueSeventy but not as how can I say it - refined for fast swimming?