Saturday, October 25, 2008

Phelps, Kobe, Tony Hawk and A-Rod "pimping" the video game 'Guitar Hero!'

Not that I like the commercial or the product, I am just finding it amusing how talented people can be leased no matter what the product or the service is. This is includes Dara Torres promoting a "supplement" for $3.5 million or Phelps promoting everything from fast-food to video games.

Example: Gunthy Renker, the Proactiv distributor, makes 1-billion a year on all their products put together. They do so via celebrity endorsements because people want to believe that celebrities and athletes really wear, use, or ingest whatever product it is that that they paid to say is responsible for their talents, good looks or abilities! [Link]

Europe is not immune either. See Laure Manaudou below promoting European company EDF:

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maly said...

edf is one of the main sponsors of the french swimming federation , wthh edf the french federation organize since 2007 a swim meet in paris with interesting prize money . they are also helping with a construction of a swimming training center near paris.