Friday, October 10, 2008

As you know, my butterfly is lousy but with Christmas coming up, I will pretend I didn't see this $1,800 'Lunocet Monofin'

From Gizmodo: "... Because while Phelps is able to swim at an inhuman 5 miles per hour, the average swimmer using the carbon fiber Lunocet will routinely hit about 8mph. Is it too late for us to book our tickets to Beijing?

The Lunocet weighs about 2.5lbs out of the water, but in the water it's positively buoyant. Constructed from silicon wrapped in carbon fiber with a titanium footplate, the system gives you the same power on a downstroke as an upstroke. Coupled with a pair of strong legs the monofin could theoretically generate enough power to drive a human completely out of the water—yes, real life dolphin acrobatics at last. ..."

I would pay $50 to see what it feels like to swim as faster than Michael Phelps in one of those gizmos! So if if any of you win the lotto this weekend, HOOK ME UP!

Gizmodo [Link] - Lunocet website videos: [Link]


Scott said...

I'd pay $50 to see if Michael Phelps could clear the water with one of those things! We have a 137 meter by 60 meter pool he can try to do it in up here in Vancouver should he care to try. A more realistic wish would be to borrow someone's monofin and try it out. Our club has one we can borrow for streamlining practice but you're warned to be careful about hitting the wall and injuring yourself. You also have to have a spotter if you're going to use it to work on your backstroke's submerged dolphin kick. Apparently you go so fast it's dangerous in a pool.

Tony Austin said...


Imagine swimming a 1000 meter fly in minutes