Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Robaquatics' has entered the building!

I was at the UCLA short course meters race a month or so ago and I noticed a swimmer there wearing a pork-pie-hat. I also noticed that he wasn't sitting with anybody. Then I thought to myself, who is that be-bop hipster swimmer over there and who does he swim with? Turns out he belongs to an aquatics club so exclusive that he is the only member! The club is called "RobAquatics" but it is pronounced "unattached."

Rob is having a blast attending masters swimming meets all over creation and he's got a camera and laptop too. I am adding him to my link list because I like reading about the exuberance he has for masters swimming. Check him out here: [Link]


Rob D said...

Thanks for the write up! I always thought I was about 50 pounds to heavy to be a hipster but I'll take it :)

Scott said...

Being a hipster is all about attitude! :>)

Tony Austin said...

...and a pork pie hat!