Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Timed situps for Texas Longhorn swimmers!

You Tube
description: "...Texas Longhorn men's swimming, training and conditioning coach Trey Zepeda teaches timed sit-ups. ""Everything that they do in the water, is based on time. It's not how strong, how big, its how quick, fast, and efficient you can be. So in that same respect, we also ask the guys to incorporate that mental focus in their abdominal exercises. So when we do sit ups, we ask the guys to do one minute of constant sit-ups. With your hands on your shoulders, knees bent to 90 degrees, feet on the floor, and somebody anchoring the end of your feet." ..."

I think that timing sit ups is crazy for anybody over 26-years-old. Nonetheless I figured I would set a low benchmark for you all so you can compare your sit up numbers with mine. I did 25-27 without a rest but we will just say that I was pacing myself.


Scott said...

Thanks Tony, I needed a boost today!

Tony Austin said...

Ok, Scott, you got it! I am up to 30 today! ^_^