Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 4x100 relay filmed completely underwater! - This is how swimming should be viewed!

Jason Lezak and Cullen Jones have more of a glide phase to their strokes than do the French or the Australians. That may not be a good thing. This race is even more amazing when viewed underwater than it was watching it from above.


Wendy said...

Tony, this is just outstanding! I can hardly wait to pass it along to swimmers & coaches I work with!

Oh -- and best of the holiday season to you!!

m said...

Aaaammmaaazzziinngggg! Fantastic video. Boy, does Cullen Jones need to work on his stroke. His mechanics on his right arm look poor to me. I think he's dropping his elbow... And, just to reafirm what we all know: Jason Lezak is God.

Tony Austin said...

With the Europeans it is all turnover; no glide at all. Did you see how Bernard died after the turn?

The United States has to rethink how they sprint.

Fe-lady said...

Oh I would love to dolphin off the wall like they do!
(I am pathetic in comparison!)

Tony Austin said...

"Fe" is on the periodic table representing Iron. You must have done an Ironman, huh?

Keep trying and trying and get coaching regarding you kick. I am, and though I will never be great at it, I am enjoying the process.