Monday, December 01, 2008

Anderson Cooper gets 'owned' by Michael Phelps

We all saw the 60 minutes segment and I have to say that I am really impressed with Michael Phelps not just as a swimmer but as a de facto business. For someone who has literally become a poster child/adult for ADD his he displayed amazing dedication, follow through, and a focus for the sport that is simply never been matched. It's my belief that he deserves every million he has made.

Let's hope that some of his 'hobbies' such as gambling and clubbing remain a recreation and not a lifestyle.

Thanks go out to Lauren; a former Texas Longhorn swimmer age group coach for Longhorn Aquatics, and without her help I never would have found such a hi-rez copy. :-)

UPDATE: I just noticed this: Anderson Cooper is so perfect that his hair stays combed even after sprinting a 25scy. Also, his stroke isn't to bad but he is breathing a bit late.


Texas Transplant said...

Actually, I was never a longhorn swimmer. I coached age group for Longhorn Aquatics. That's either a wonderful compliment to my ability or a horrible dis on UT to say that I could swim for them. :)

John Craig said...

Phelps beats the world's best freestylers with his underwater dolphin. What was Cooper thinking?

Scott said...

Anderson Cooper is pretty good! But his understanding of this complex sport is woefully inadequate - he had Phelps swim underwater thinking to slow him down when in fact underwater dolphin is only slower than freestyle. And it's Michael Phelps doing the kicking! On the other hand perhaps it was all arranged as the best way to display Phelps' awesome talent. Still, way to go Cooper.

AI said...

I noticed that too about Cooper's hair. It looked the same before and after! I'm looking forward to Phelps kicking butt in Rome, lets hope he is just as focused when he starts training again in January!

Tony Austin said...

Michael Phelps is the Lance Armstrong of our sport. We sorely need another one. Right now we only have two: Torres and Phelps. Cycling was only "hot" while Lance was racing. USA Swimming has to go out and deliver better services to the community at large to produce another one.

As for Anderson Cooper, I am going to send him a note about his breathing and I will probably enclose and invite to a USMS meet.

Anonymous said...

They should have given Cooper a LZR!