Thursday, December 18, 2008

Libby Trickett: "Suit burners are Luddites"

I had a email conversation with Ahelee about how an "old boys network" will be deciding the fate of speedsuits and that we have yet to hear any female voices; Well, here's one and she actually swims too. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"...MULTIPLE Olympic gold medal winner Libby Trickett believes banning the use of hi-tech bodysuits would set the sport "back a decade".

"...I read that in 1972, I think, there were 53 world records broken, and there has been 54 [long course] this year," Trickett said. "What provided that difference that year?

"...I don't think it really makes sense to ban the suits across the board, because then we would be going back over a decade ago to when we were just wearing the togs - and that, to me, would be a reversal in the sport. I don't see why we would want to go back to that time.


Well that shows you, Clay Evans, Blogger Scott, and Craig Lord. ;-P

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Scott said...

Janet Evans has also sided with keeping the suits too. I'm sure they have their reasons - just as I keep my own counsel. Who am I to deny your right to espouse the talking points of those permitted to think on your behalf? ;>)

Tony Austin said...

HAHAHAHA - I promise you the women will be the most vocal in the next month or so and the subtext of the argument will be the same subtext as to why boys like jammers.

Scott said...

Touche! I know to bow out gracefully whilst I still can retain some dignity.

P.S. Fifty three records broken in '72 and Libby Trickett wonders what provided the difference that year. I'm going to give a lot of the credit to Mark Spitz (9) and Shane Gould (4), but then my source only shows 44 lc world records in 1972. Let's not discount the fact that swimming records back then weren't quite the same caliber as those existing in 2007 either. If you exclude 1976's 61 (and we all know why Liggett didn't pick that year) the count drops down to Sydney's next highest 33 and then all the way from a high of 24 (1980,1984, 1988) to a low of 5 (1996) for the intervening Olympics. Perhaps she was just fortunate to pick the only Olympics in the past forty years which is remotely comparable. Perhaps.

Ahelee said...

Does ANYONE remember the "Belgrade Suit" release?

I can't believe this has not been discussed more widely...

That suit in the 70s was a HUGE advancement and we all swam so fast in it! As well, revealed a whole heck of a lot more of our skinny little swimmer bodies than our mothers were happy about.
It was my first experience with accusations of immodesty.

At least these new suits offer some coverage in their FASTNESS!

Looking forward to a blazing fast 2009.

Scott said...

Damn - I missed those!

Scott said...

Alas, my search for an image of the Belgad Ribbolastic swimsuit turned up nothing, but it was successful in uncovering an interesting NY Times article about both the suit and the impact significant advances suit technology has had on swimming. Judging from the comments I'd have to say the Belgrade (sic) would raise swimming's profile a lot more than the current crop of technosuits. :>)

The Screaming Viking! said...

my latest blog at floswim talks about the belgrade. be sure to go to the Sports Illustrated link. Any swimming fan needs to spend some time in the SI vault.