Friday, December 26, 2008

On Sale: End of the year speedsuit deals I have found!

TYR Aqua Shift Male Full Body: $75.95 [Link] Female $99.95 [Link]

Fastskin FS Pro Hi-Neck Bodyskin: $205 [Link] Female $267.43 [Link]

TYR Aquapel Full Body Male $75.95 [Link] Female $65.95: [Link]


Anonymous said...

which is better? aquapel or aqua shift?

i am considering buying the leggings.

also, i love speedo products. how would you say TYR leggings compare to Speedo?

Tony Austin said...

I wore Speedo Fastskin II leggings, not the Fastskin Pro, and they blew! I gave them away after five races.

I am hearing good things about the Fastskin Pro and I am seing good results too. If you gotta buy Speedo( :-P ) go with the Fastkin Pro leggings. Michael Phelps prefers them because they didn't rip for him in races before the Olympics. Search my blog for Fastskin Longevity issues for the story.

The Aquashift is faster than Aquapel. Both the Aquapel and the Aquashift are faster than the first version of the Fastskin but not the Fastskin Pro in my opinion.

Joel / the17thman said...

I like the Fastskin Leggings. Depending on how FINA and USMS go in the next few months I may pick up another pair.