Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to the "Renaissance" - 2008 was the greatest year for swimming ever!

I read at Live Science that a good mood is as contagious as the flu and that it can effect people up to hundreds of miles away. In the Live Science article they use the "flu" as a metaphor hence the unfortunate "New Age" subtext when the paragraph below is read just as a snippet. From Live Science:

"... A happy infection lasts an average of 12 months, Fowler said; that is, if your neighbor wins the lotto it could give you a mood boost for about a year. And a joy virus can spread to people three degrees removed from the original mood shifter. So someone experiencing bliss makes his friends happier, his friends' neighbors happier and even his friends' neighbors' friends happier.

The ripple of joy continues diffusing over all of society, Fowler theorized, but is undetectable past the third degree of separation "because it is part of a whole sea of different cascades of happiness and unhappiness. ..."


The year in the pool was filed with extraordinary and amazing happenings in our sport. We had the obvious subjects such as: Tech suits, Michael Phelps and Dara Torres. We saw Cullen Jones win a gold medal! We witnessed the greatest 4x100 free relay held during the greatest Olympics ever. Every continent had a hero but what has truly filled me with great enthusiasm is that people now are inspired by swimming; even Kobe Bryant is inspired by swimming.

Swimmers are now looked upon as sources of inspiration and lucky enough to wear those first ever "super hero" outfits. Emotions like this have never occurred before in our sport. In fact, it is not our sport anymore, it's everybody's sport now and even televised media is featuring swimming more.

In my neighborhood, I am seeing the Asian community fully endorse and fill up age group programs. I am seeing more Latinos swimming and I am seeing triathletes getting in the pool more. this is global and we were all part of this "mood swell"

It was a great year to be a swimmer!


Anonymous said...

The word "ever" is unnecessary. If it's "the greatest," it's finite. If you said "the greatest since Spitz won..." that would be different. Btw, for the future, "once again" is for the second time.

Tony Austin said...

Well that shows me 0_^

I crossed out each use of the word 'ever' with a HTML line. This way the error is still there but the readers will know I was corrected. :-)

Thank you.

Caveat: You are going to find a lot of these sort of errors in just about everything I write but I will try harder.