Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Paging, Glenn Mills! White courtesy telephone please!

Imagine what Glenn mills could do with a rig like this? From NotCot.com:
"...Heading to Vegas tomorrow ~ CES time already! And so far, one of the things i’m most excited about seeing in person is the latest from Liquid Image ~ the ProHD350!!! Seriously, an awesome jet black dive mask that shoots 5.0 megapixel stills and HD video up to 30fps (with audio!)… it even runs on 4 AAA batteries! has 64MB internal, but takes up to a 32GB microSD/SDHC… and has light attachments (both on the sides and/or headlight)!!!

Though it's bad grammar; (I should talk, right?), I love the use of multiple exclamation marks in the description. It reminds me of the enthusiasm a 13-year-old kid would have for a new, cool, toy.

Go to the link and look at the other cameras.

I think Glenn Mills could make fine art with this camera!!! ;-)


Glenn said...

I appreciate the faith. I actually built my own version of this last year. I took a Finis Center Mount Snorkel, stuck a sawed off pole in it, mounted a tripod compatible screw to it, and put one of my little waterproof cameras on the end of it.

Of course, I ended up bashing myself in the face with the pole... but it was version 1.

To this date, there is no version 2. I'm still too worried about how bad I look NOW! :)

Tony Austin said...

But look how cool that rig looks. It's black and it has cross-hairs on the eye glass. It's like a bad guy in a comic book.

There is the VholdR helmet cam for $279, but I suggest a skateboard helmet with a screw mount that holds the "lipstick camera" at the top of the helmet.

Another variation that would work better could be a modified bicycle helmet with the lipstick camera coming out of through the forehead area. It would work extraordinarily but the cycling helmet would be buoyant and may need a weight.

You do sublime work. I was hoping I would get two of your DVDs for Christmas, Straight Arm Free and Misty Hyman Butterfly DVD.

Ahelee said...

Both of you are bad-a** swimmers and great ambassadors for Swimming!

Love reading your discussion about comic books, sawed off poles, rigs, glass eyes and compatible screws as they all relate to my favorite sport!

Don't ever change - but definitely keep transcending!