Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phelps has "Movie Star" Syndrome - It targets those that make too much money when they are young!

UPDATE: The top photo is a gallery shot of the Michael Phelps collection at the Omega site. Below that is an enlargement of the watch worn in the infamous "bong shot" that News of the World claims belongs to Michael Phelps. The one below that is a Breitling for Bentley Motors watch which resembles the watch in the aforementioned "bong" photo but Phelps is not paid to wear that watch.

The Michael Phelps watch collection is quite expensive and I am sure Phelps is paid a lot of money to wear one. These Omega watches run between $2,000 and $3,000 but none of the watches or the variations featured at the Omega website matches what the person in the photograph is wearing.

The only evidence that can conclusively confirm whether Michael Phelps was taking a "hit off a bong" is if the "bribe" that Clifford Bloxham is accused of offering is true and can be documented.

Link to the Omega Michael Phelps Collection: [Link]

I put edits to the post in red.

Have you noticed that there are several "A-List" celebrities who never get in the tabloids? Stars like Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Johnny Depp and there is even a couple of young actors, like Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams and even Daniel Radcliffe who never get defamed?

I was told once that celebrities have gigantic mansions because they can never leave them. These celebrities with big homes only come out for award shows and promo tours that are largely handled by "Blackwater Mercenaries" who will shoot a paparazzi if he shows up without permission or just because they thought the camera "might be loaded."

Can you tell I am sneaking up on the alleged Michael Phelps' bong photo?

His handler's pretty much confirmed the photo is Michael Phelps if what the News of the World printed is true. My constructive criticism for Michael Phelps is that he disappears to some pool, handle his perceived drug and alcohol issues, if he has any, and make no statement whatsoever to the media. Then he should consider spanking his PR team or even hire a new PR "assassin" to replace his current spokesperson who actually did this to him:

From News of the World: "...Phelps is represented by marketing giant Octagon, which works with huge brands such as Mastercard and HSBC. They admitted proven cannabis use would be “a major taint” on Phelps’ character.

Spokesman Clifford Bloxham offered us an extraordinary deal not to publish our story, saying Phelps would become our columnist for three years, host events and get his sponsors to advertise with us.

In return, he asked that we kill Phelps’ bong picture. Bloxham said: “It’s seeing if something potentially very negative for Michael could turn into something very positive for the News of the World.”


If this allegation actually took place then that is called a bribe and they utterly embarassed Michael Phelps who probably never would have offered that or if he had good management never would have offered.


Rob D said...

I'm not very sold that it is Mikey P. Not that I don't believe he might indulge in such things, I just don't think that's him in the picture. The guy looks too thick in the middle and the arms aren't cut enough.

I guess the trick would be to find pictures of him wearing the same watch. I've seen some pop up already but they look photoshopped. I'm curious to see how this pans out...

Tony Austin said...

I thought that too, but I included that if what they said is true, that bribe his handler proposed, then they pretty much confirmed it.

Anonymous said...

You do realize this information is coming from the U.S equivalent of the National Enquirer( not the most reliable news source) plus even if he did do it give him a break he just worked his ass off the past four years and won 8 gold medals in single Olympics, he just shouldn't have been stupid enough to have pictures taken of him.

Tony Austin said...

OK, Rob, I did the research and I updated the post:

The watch the person is wearing in the "bong photo" does not match any of the watches in the Michael Phelps collection that Omega pays him mad bank to wear. I included photos too.

One could argue that he wasn't wearing the Omega watch at the time the shot was taken but the watch he is wearing simply isn't that nice.

Actually, after doing the research on watches, I prefer the "manly" Bell and Ross myself but I don't need a watch - the cell phone works fine:

You have to copy paste the link in.

Tony Austin said...

Annonymous, I edited the post this morning before I saw your comment.

In the original post I guess I didn't make it clear enough that the only proof that Phelps was taking a bong hit is if his handler actually did offer a bribe and it could be validated or proven the bribe offer actually took place.

Also, I did some detective work this morning at the behest of Rob of RobAquatics to confirm if the watch in the photo was Phelps'. Apparently it does not match any of the watches in his own Michael Phelps' Collection at Omega.

If you notice, I don't like to publish gossip about Michael Phelps, but I felt that this post was important to make since I knew his handlers would read it

Texas Transplant said...

IF that is Phelps, imo, the only downside to the entire situation is that he was dumb enough to let someone take a picture because frankly, I could care less if athletes want to take bong rips in their spare time. It certainly isn't an athletic enhancement and if that's what they want to do in the off season then it's none of my damn business. Atta boy Phelps!