Thursday, February 05, 2009

'L.A. Times' - Phelps suspended for three months - No more 'Kellogs' sponsorship!

Randy sent us this L.A. Times article stating that Michael Phelps has been suspended by USA Swimming for three months:
"This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero," the Colorado-based federation said in a statement.

"Michael has voluntarily accepted this reprimand and has committed to earn back our trust."

Phelps also loses Kellogs which has got to be humiliating. From an L.A. Times Blog:
"... The company claims that Phelps's behavior — caught on camera and published last Sunday in Britain's News of the World — was "not consistent with the image of [Kellogg's]."

The company has already put Phelps' picture on boxes of its Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes. ..."


I think everybody agrees that a "pound of flesh" has now been rendered from Michael Phelps!


Charlie said...

Utterly ridiculous. I am 100% behind Phelps and can't believe how much fuss has been made over this. The guy spent all his teenage years in the pool, totally dedicated to his sport and is still a complete hero in my book. All this has shown is that he is human. So he smoke a bong. Big deal. Most non-swimmers who I have spoken to about this like Phelps far more now than they ever did before. He is just a young guy having a bit of fun. Smoking a bong is no worse than drinking a keg of beer or any other such behavior young people want to do. He was hardly caught smoking crack!

Tony Austin said...

I regret the the satirical cereal box I did. It was poor taste and I hope no one at USA Swimming or Kellogs saw it.

There are celebrities who pull out a bag an demand everyone put their phones in it or they won't "party." Phelps was obviously to unsophisticated to know this "celebrity party protocol" which means he trusted everybody in the room and yet one of his friends betrayed him. That has got to hurt too.

My advice to Phelps is that he figures out an exit strategy for a life after celebrity for it won't last much longer.

coffee said...

it seems ridiculous that Michael Phelps is getting so much flak from this supposed marijuana scandal... Since when have we taken the reporting of trashy tabloids so seriously?

Tony Austin said...

Since gossip became more profitable than news. I hope this is the last Phelps-Pot story I write.

Swimming is a very fragile sport popularity-wise and this silly episode has been devastating.

Amanda said...

Kellogg just used the bong fiasco for some free press. They were going to cut him loose anyway. His contract will end at the close of February, and they never intended to renew it, especially in this economy. Kellogg also stopped sponsoring the US Olympic team in Dec. 2008.

Tony Austin said...

Amanda, do you work in those circles? Also,did Phelps already know that?

Amanda said...

No, it doesn't have anything to do with my work. Cereal companies in general just don't keep the same theme/celebrity on their boxes for a really long time. Kellogg is also dealing with the fallout from the salmonella contamination and recall of their products. You might find this interesting:

Thank you for contacting us regarding Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and our decision not to extend his contract.

We regret that the intent of our message was not clear. The contract was set to expire the end of February and with Michael's obligations to us met, our decision not to extend the contract was for business reasons and in no way diminishes Michael's status as an athlete. We believe Michael has set a tremendous example through his work ethic and his accomplishments and are proud to have been associated with him.

The timing of this unfortunate incident and the end of the contract is purely coincidental. Again, thank you for the opportunity to share the facts of this situation.

Kathi Eckler
Director, Consumer Affairs