Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pool vandals cause $30k in damage then post photos of themselves doing so on "Facebook!"

If you vandalize a pool, I have to call you a dumb-ass because that is what you are and these dumb-asses posted their crimes on FaceBook.

Consequently, the cops found out who they are and now they are in the slammer charged with breaking-and-entering, arson and using an axe to destroy pool tiles beneath the surface.

Here is a snippet from the Daily Telegraph:

Councillor Mark Greenhill said the acts of these "grubs" were disgusting.

"Not only did they take an axe to the bottom of our pool but they set fire to playground equipment, surrounded by bushland, during a heatwave," he said.

The teens face charges of arson, malicious damage and break, enter and steal.


Side note: I don't get social networking sites like FaceBook or MySpace. I understand how important these social networking sites can be for those people selling something like their music or a "widget" but for the majority of users who are not selling anything whatsoever, those individuals are literally filling out a database regarding their personal lives, their professional lives, and even their secret lives!

Talk about permanent record!

Do you want your employer knowing you have a vintage gun collection, that you have posted your resume on Monster, or that you have social connections with his hostile competitors at Linkedin?

How about your girlfriend knowing you made a "new friend" with a redhead named "hanky-panky?"

How about that photo of you in a speedo or that picture of your house and/or your car in the driveway up on Flickr?

When you surf all these social networks together a complete definition of who, where, and what you are becomes overly visible.

Google did a white paper about the potential risks of belonging to numerous social networking sites: [Link]

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