Friday, March 06, 2009

Dara Torres swimming and winning despite a "creaky" knee!

Dara Torres qualifies he win at Austin. From Associated Press:

"...But there were questions. Thursday was the first real chance to test some repaired body parts. She's had three separate operations since the Olympics, repairing ailments to her left thumb, right shoulder and left knee.

The shoulder and thumb are "great," she said, but the knee remains creaky.

Not that it could be too bad. Earlier in the day, she set a personal best of 21.64 in the short course 50-yard freestyle. That race was used as the preliminary to the 50 meters at night. While the early race was two short laps with a turn, the final was a straight shot across the pool. ..."

"I love competition. I don't know where my peak is yet. I want to keep swimming until I reach my peak or until my body wears down," she said.


I don't know why she qualified her win like that? Maybe the press was angling for injury issues for whatever reason?

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