Friday, March 13, 2009

Did anybody see Amanda Weir's SCY workout over at 'Swim Network?'

I won't blow it and steal the thunder by pasting the exact workout but she held 1:05's on everything.

What would be a unique exercise is to take her personal best times in each of those events and average the percentage differences between her bests and the intervals she swam. Then take that percentage and apply it to one's own main set.

Beware, her quote upon finishing such a grueling set was: "...“I feel like I’m going to puke...”

Here is a link to the Amanda Weir's 4,000 main set: [Link]


CBeach said...

That is what I would call a truly brutal set. And notice there weren't any Masters-esque "easy 50's" in between sets!

Ahelee said...

Amanda Weir is an animal...!
Looks like she does sprinting, the old fashioned way - ha ha!

Tony Austin said...

Amanda Weir swam a 21.67 last December in the 50 free. I converted her 100m time and came up with a low :48-:47 for the 100 free and her workout pace for that last 2,000 is roughly 35% slower than her free 100 free meet time but you know she took at least a 5-second rest.

If she took a 5-second rest on the last segment of that workout, I am guessing that she swam the whole 2,000 yards at 78% - 80% of her maximum speed. (I am sure my math is off a bit but it's close.)

If I converted those percentages to my 100 free time, I would have to have a 1:18 interval and come in at a 1:13

I could do that for a single two-hundred only or I would only last for 10% of her last 2,000 yard set.

Keep in mind she is a sprinter too.

Is she really a land dwelling animal?

Anonymous said...

danthefiddleman said...

Love the workout. But isn't the main set 6000 yards (or am I missing something)?

Tony Austin said...

I was talking about the last 2,000 yards of that 6,000 yard set. Even if I was fresh and was only swimming that last 2,000 of the main set, I couldn't do it.