Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amanda Wier takes all her meets seriously! - Sets meet record in the 100-meter free in Charlotte!

That pose and that face is what a sublime work ethic will give you. From Swimming World Magazine: "...Swim Atlanta's Amanda Weir emerged from a field of Olympians with a meet-record time of 54.06 in the womens sprint event. Weir's time whacked more than a second from her meet mark of 55.11 set in 2006. .."


I was going to post a photo of Linda Hamilton from Terminator II and ask who would win in a fight but the juxtaposition was horribly ridiculous. Amanda Weir actually has a skin tone, hydrated musculature, and stands about about a foot taller. Hamilton looked anemic and practically feeble as a result of weight loss rather than exercise.


Ahelee said...

Amanda ROCKED that 100!
Nice early season swim - no one was close!

j said...

i luv amanda wier! she swims at my practice pool!

Tony Austin said...

you must swim in some really good water. :-D