Friday, May 01, 2009

The 'blueseventy Swimskin Buy Back' program is now official!

From the Press release, here is how it works:

"... blueseventy swimskins always have been and always will be FINA compliant. As a company, blueseventy is fully supportive of the effort made by FINA to regulate the effects of technology in the sport The blueseventy Buy Back Program will help consumers buy a new swimskin, when the changes go into effect January 1, 2010.

The buy back program is easy:

* Buy a blueseventy “Nero” swimskin, tight or jammer after April 1, 2009

* Enjoy the new found potential of your swimming until December 31, 2009

* Bring your eligible blueseventy product and receipt to a participating dealer in January 2010 and receive a reduction in the retail of your new “Like for Like” Nero product. Rebate amounts vary dependent on product.
o Nero Comp Fullsuit $200 rebate
o Nero Comp Kneeskin $160 rebate
o Nero 10k Fullsuit $160 rebate
o Nero Legskin (Tight) $110 rebate

“We are delighted to be able give something back to the competitive swimmer who we believe right now is caught in the changes taking place,” says Dean Jackson, blueseventy Marketing manager. “For us it is about servicing the swimmer and delivering a program that offers value in a world where the changes are beyond their control, yet they have to meet the consequence” Jackson, adds, “We could not have offered this without the support of our dealers and we thank them for working with us in keeping the category alive throughout the rest of 2009 and offering value into 2010.”

The blueseventy Swimskin Buy Back Program is currently available at U.S. dealers only. The company plans on rolling out the program internationally in the next few weeks. ..."

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