Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craig Lord at 'SwimNews': Italian Federation to allow the unapproved 'Jaked' swimsuit to be used at the Italian Championships!

The article is rushed, probably written in one sitting and it is more of an editorial than a news release but here is a snippet:

"... On Tuesday, the Italian national team fast suit, the Jaked01, was rejected for use in the race pool by independent suit tests that proved that the suit served as an aid to speed, buoyancy and endurance. - [Craig provides no proof or hypertext link to validate that statement - Tony] - But far from sending the suit back to the cutting room, its makers want to challenge FINA and the Italian federation has approved anarchy in the host nation of the FINA world championships by telling its swimmers: yes, you can wear illegal suits. ..."


So far this is what we have on the international stage suit-wise: The USMS has issued a policy statement that seems well reasoned and coherent.

The Japanese will acknowledge Irie's record in an unapproved swimsuit due to all the confusion surrounding the approval process.

Finally, the Italian Federation is rumored to be allowing the unapproved Jaked into the pool at their Championships since the suit is undergoing an appeal.

Three governing bodies have essentially said to FINA: Get your ducks in a row and then we will listen to you!


maly said...

the french federation is considerating doing the same as the japenease federation : keeping the time of bernard and bousquet as french record.

Tony Austin said...

Maly, that is huge! do you have a link?

maly said...

it was in the yesterday l'equipe , they have change their web site in the way that what is on their site is incomplete so you have to buy the paper.
this link is an interview of the french federation manager. in one of his answers : he is saying that the french federation lawers are looking in the case if the 2 world are not accepted by fina , if they could still be french record

Anonymous said...

What? Craig Lord editorialize? Never!


The once proud SwimNews has basically become his soap box to pronounce this and declare that. It'd be nice to see a little more 'news' and a lot less 'backwash'

Tony Austin said...

Yeah! Leave the backwash to me! that's my job, baby!!!! ;-)

Minollo said...

Italian fed, stating all suites FINA approved up to May 19 are ok for next champs.

Diana press release on "trapped air":