Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swim News: "We are here to cut the cancer out," said FINA Executive Director, Cornel Marculescu, regarding speedsuits!

Cornel Marculescu, pictured to the right, is the Executive Director of FINA.

Now either this FINA Executive Director is a very biased chairman who likes to use 'hot rhetoric' to inform swimmers and suit companies of it's speedsuit intentions, or this quote was never uttered.

It was close to lunchtime, after a 9am, start at the Lausanne Palace Hotel, when Cornel Marculescu held up his hands in resignation, sighed and told a small group of journalists, mainly from France, Italy and Japan: "We cannot achieve everything ... [...]

"We are here to cut the cancer out," said Marculescu. FINA had not opted for "surgery now" but for a remedial, transitory treatment. He said that those working on a solution that would "continue to narrowing of the tunnel" to a lasting solution had been tireless in their efforts.


Swim News mentioned that several journalists were present in the room when the quote was said, let us see if this quote is printed elsewhere.

If Marculescu did use words like 'cancer" and "narrowing of the tunnel," I bet he will be sooooo fired when when FINA votes on a new executive Director. Hence, how is it possible that he would say something like this?

This sort of rhetoric is not diplomatic, it denotes an emotional bias stated in hyperbolic terms, and it tells suit companies to pull out like Nike.

A FINA Executive would never do that. One does not rise to that level with that sort of rhetorical style.

Here is a quote from a reader at Swimming World regarding this pasrticular quote. It illustrates well what hot rhetoric gets you. It's at the bottom of the article:

"...The "cancer" is the governing body rife with conflicts of interests that result in spurious rules, not advances in suit technology...."


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