Saturday, May 16, 2009

DOMINATION! Frederick Bousquet - HUMILIATION! Michael Phelps swims in lane-one in the third-of-11 heats!

Clarification: I want to make it clear that Phelps has had a pretty good meet so far. He is experimenting and taking chances but the 50-free did not work out. All the other events, including the 2nd place finish to Aaron Piersol still denote that Phelps is still the best.

Frederick Bousquet flies to Charlotte at near last minute, swims jet lagged, yet dominates the 50-free against a very impressive field swimming a 21.33. (Cullen Jones placed second in a 21.96 as you probably already know.) It's a 1/2-second-or-so off his WR but still impressive considering how rushed he was to get to the states.

However, the French are doing something right and the Americans are not. Ironically enough Frederick trained at Auburn - Why are American sprinters not as fast? Could it be the suits? I think that is a fair question.

Here is what AP had to say about Phelps in the 50-free: "CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A sprinter, he's not. ..."

Phelps was assigned to lane one in the third of 11 heats — surely the first time in years he's gone that early — and lived down to expectations by touching in 23.24 seconds, far off Frederick Bousquet's world record of 20.94...."
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Photo above: Compiègne - Meeting national - Novembre 2008. - Frédérick Bousquet (Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille), - Photo Nicolas Götz:


Jason said...

Gotta give it to him. Phelps made plenty of self-admitted mistakes on that swim and still made finals.

Doubt he would have battled for the win at night, but he swam way better than the 3rd of 11 heats seed.

Tony Austin said...

I clarified the post! - but still, I could not resist the hyperbole or the "Quake video game" expressions to make it more emotional and dramatic!

I'I sort of just roll that way.

Steve said...

Last year, both French and American sprinters wore the LZR (with the exception of Leveaux), so the suit was a non-issue. As for this year, the US Nationals are still to come, so a comparison between the countries is premature. Cullen Jones appeared to be wearing a Jaked at Charlotte, the same suit as Bousquet.

Jason said...


Tony Austin said...

Steve, Cullen Jones swam a 21.59, July 2008 USA Olympic Trials. In the Jaked, in an off-meet, he swam a 21.96. Your opinions seem pretty solid.

Ahelee said...

Agree with Steve...
It is WAY TO EARLY to make domination statements in regard to events Americans are swimming now.

When the USA starts to recognize the short course meters season and it's athletes compete on a world level during that season, then compare.

And I'm not sayin' here that the French aren't swimmin' fast!

Tony Austin said...

Dude, I am pretending I am a journalist. Domination/Humiliation make way for "Rise up from the Ashes" post Nationals.

As for the Fench, they are better swimmers than us in the sprint events.

Speaking of Sprint events: HUMILIATION! for Tony Autin. Posted a horrible time today in the 50-free. 29.65. I felt so bad that I scratched the rest of my events and played with Rob and my teammates.

I will post photos soon.

Steve said...

Cullen Jones

Charlotte 2008 - 22.33
US Nationals 2008 - 21.59
Improvement - 0.74

Charlotte 2009 - 21.96
US Nationals 2009 - 21.22?

Tony Austin said...

I'm sorry, I can't respond, I'm too stupid to really appreciate your premise.

I really want Cullen Jones to do well and I hope he swims that fast.

Anonymous said...

It's Rada. Freddy still trains at Auburn. So, it's not so much what the "French" are doing and what the Americans are not. Cesar Cielo (Brazil Olympic Gold medalist) also trains at Auburn with Brett Hawke. I guess its just a matter of where you train and where you don't!