Saturday, May 30, 2009

I just made myself a SCAQ t-shirt at: ''

SCAQ - Southern California Aquatics tee by groovydoo. Available from

MySoti is an acronym for "My Stuff On The Internet." It is a site where one buy or sell various products like t-shirts, posters, etc. for a price determined by the user on top of the base profit price that wants collect.

For instance, I just wanted to make myself a SCAQ team shirt. I created the art and when asked what percentage over $14.99 that I would like to collect, I put down 0%.

This is a great way for small teams or large to raise money or do "one-offs" for themselves like I am doing. There are other sites too like cafepress, zazzle, which I made use to make a long sleeve t-shirt and I am sure there are many others.

I am collecting no fee, no favor, no gift, nor even a hug or a kiss for promoting this site but small teams that want to make do a beautiful four-color t-shirt can and sell it at a reasonable price.


Rob D said...

Nice Tony! I need to make a sweet Rob Aquatics Imaginary National Team t-shirt. I think I need to come up with some kind of logo first though... I'll get around to it some day

Tony Austin said...

Well, a ROB-Aquatics certainly demands flames! OR maybe you go with the pork-pie hat vibe and make it look like a blue-note jazz album color.

Hmm, then you can take that great start photo dive you have on your blog and have yourself diving over you logo-art. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why SCAQ doesn't promote itself more with t-shirts, caps and the like. Maybe it raises all the cash it needs from memberships, but a little promotion and club unity never hurt.

Tony Austin said...

Though SCAQ is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to swim clubs with more pools, more Olympians, biggest schedule, it summarily capitulated and became a swim club instead of a swim team.

I once went to a Cal Tech petathlon and I thought I was the only SCAQ member there. Turns out 4 of us showed up and we didn't even each of us were coming.

2-years or so later, I am not sure, I called up Clay Evans; (founder of SCAQ), and said I am lonely going to the meets by myself. Start a swim team please, I want to be on a swim team.

He said, "okay, let me call Erik and I will get something going." Erik took the mantle and built it from there.

I began the blog, Erik H. started coaching lactic Acid workouts. The first one we had, only 4 of us showed up. The last one I went to which was last Sunday, 13-showed showed up.

I am hoping 20 of us show up at SPMA Regionals and we win first place as a team.

I will be "falling on my sword" and swimming soft events that I am terrified to swim like the 400-IM, the 200-back, and the 1500-meter free. I wll swim the 50-100-200- free and a bunch of relays.

As for caps, we have some now that are made of silicon. We do have a few t-shirts but I wanted to make my own, because that is the way I roll.

Ahelee said...

If you ask me (I know you didn't!) I'd say that SCAQ is the sleeping giant of the entire US Masters Swimming Organization.

I WISH SCAQ swimmers would come forward and represent it's true gigantic-ness!
What Clay Evans and Bonnie Adair pulled off in building this club is unprecidented. Not everyone loves them - but not many hate them.

I just stand in awe of the swimming opportunities they have created for so many in the Los Angeles area.

I'd be proud as a co-member of the SPMA and The Southwest Zone to celebrate the accomplishment of a surge for this club!

If you want secrets on how to swim FAST - make it your business to get to some of the "EHOCH" workouts!

I hope he will come out and coach a sprint clinic for the SPMA this summer!

Get it going SCAQ!